The Rookie

Hey,  you made it!

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous about formulating this blog in the first place. So cut me some slack, I promise the posts will get better just remember I’m still a rookie. For those of you that know me and to those that don’t, mentally this blog started two years ago. I have been contemplating the journey of blogging for quite some time now and I can finally say I am glad I finally started it now.

There’s two main reasons why I actually started this blog: first, I finally found a registered blog name that I felt encompassed all of what I was trying to achieve by initiating this blog. After much deliberation with my friends, sister and my second parents (yes, you will learn more about their awesomeness in time) I felt happy enough to start the blog. The second source of inspiration – well, John Grisham. For those who aren’t familiar with the name he’s an attorney, politician, activist and all round amazing author. He writes mostly legal thrillers and it was after reading his ’91 novel ‘The Firm‘ that I was reminded of my love for literature. Plus, if this criminal attorney could find time to write a best-selling book surely I can stop procrastinating and get proactive.

I will do my best to make this as less generic as possible,but I have to say I have developed a great found respect for bloggers out there. Props to you guys because this is super technical and it has definitely knocked me off my self titled ‘wiz kid.’ I will try post at least once a week and they won’t always be the same usual jargon. In fact, each category reflects an ‘idiom’ of what I wish to address in this arena (I know, super nerd) So here’s a little intel into what you can probably expect from each topic:

Beauty is in the eye of the blogger: will reflect any style ideas, hacks and all my many attempts at trying to be a makeup artist, when I really possess no talent of makeup application and I’m actually just a makeup hoarder. If anyone else can relate – well, I gotchu! (Why are there no emojis?!)
The whole truth: is my ‘freedom of speech’ corner. I tend to talk a lot (why isn’t sarcasm a language yet?) and so it is inevitable that I have to share my opinion on issues relating to current events, news and just general topics surrounding me that I want to address. I enjoy a good clean debate so please feel free to share any comments or ideas. I should note that I don’t tolerate unnecessary profanity so any sign of it in a way that is disrespectful – well, bye! (Seriously I need the girl waving bye emoji right now)
Eat your heart out: potentially my favourite category since it revolves around  one of the purest forms of love I have ever had for anything in this world – food!! Reviews, recipes and umm..real talk? Basically, I love all things food related so you may need to sign up for a gym subscription now before it’s too late.
The road more travelled: reflects my adventures, wherever they may be. It has posts echoing where I am and mirrors the images of where I wish I was. The title of this category is another lit geek moment, it’s a play on words taken from Robert Frost’s poem ‘The Road Not Taken.’ I’ll leave it to your interpretation to figure this one out.

There you go, all you need to know for now about Aishapaedia. Be sure to follow and share with everyone you may think would be interested. If I am missing out on anything, I will be sure to keep you updated in posts!

Thanks for stopping by!


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