Hout Bay

Hout Bay (Afrikaans: Houtbaai, meaning “Wood Bay”) is a town near Cape Town, South Africa situated in a valley on the Atlantic seaboard of the Cape Peninsula, twenty kilometres south of the Central Business District of Cape Town. The name “Hout Bay” can refer to the town, the bay on which it is situated, or the entire valley.

The amazing aspect about Cape Town is that one part of the sky is cloudy and overcast in Kirstenbosch and on the other side you have a view like this:

hout-bay-2See? Not even I or my D5300 could edit the sky enough to make it look that clear. Apart from this breathtaking view there’s plenty to do at Hout Bay. Getting here over the weekend is not even remotely difficult and eventually when you do a relaxing afternoon awaits. The real highlight is the freshest batch of fish and chips you can find here. There is only one other place that is a close competitor and that is “The Catch” all the way in London, England. Their cod hands down is a must have, makes you feel like every ‘chippy’ in the world should conform to their level. Sorry I digress! All in all, any fish and chips spot on Harbour road is suitable because you can guarantee that it will, although a little pricey, be well worth it.


Another great sight to this beautiful environment are the animals, between the gulls and the seals I would definitely recommend taking a stroll along the harbour to give them a closer look. Being in a place like this can only have one real disadvantage: the wind.


Since everything is outdoors it would be better to stay in the seating area under the roof because by the end of this outing my head was pounding from the wind. Even though it was still summer it’s always smart to carry a wind cheater jacket to withstand the force of the wind (yes, it feels like an apocalyptic movie). Oh and ladies, if you ever want a good exfoliate look no further the sand on this beach is softer then a baby’s bum. Thanks to the non-stop fan surrounding you, the sand will leech to your pores as if it can detect dry skin and wipe it away faster then you can say facial.

Ok, again that was an exaggeration but word of advice: if the wind is cray – eat fish, wear some shades and call it a day!




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