Every shade was beautifully made

A hijab (Arabic: حجاب‎‎ ḥijāb, pronounced [ħiˈdʒæːb] or [ħiˈɡæːb]) is a veil traditionally worn by Muslim women in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family, which usually covers the head and chest.

My first “beauty” post relates to something which I consider the first thing people comment on when they see me which is my hijab/scarf. I thought I would share a little about when I started wearing hijab, why I did and where I purchase them. I will also provide a link to my favourite YouTube vlog on how to tie your scarf. So, any ladies that want to try the hijab out have the chance to find out where to buy them as well as some broken down tips and tricks to mastering it (not even I’ve mastered it).

Ok so lets start with the history: I started wearing scarf at the age of fifteen and I was in my third year of high school. At that time, I was still going to Madressah and I even went the extra mile of going to Islamic classes on Saturdays with my cousins and my mom. I started to learn more in these classes as opposed to what a book could teach me; I was learning about a woman in Islam. Those lessons became consistent and it wasn’t too long after that my cousins began wearing scarf and I felt encouraged as well. People always wonder whether I was oppressed into wearing it – in fact, my parents never pressured myself or my sisters to wear the hijab. My mom only started wearing hijab after she performed pilgrimage (Hajj) in Saudi Arabia and that was after marriage too. Eight years later my scarf has become a part of my identity and I couldn’t see myself without it. This doesn’t mean I am the perfect Muslim woman but I am trying, and to those that try to wear the hijab day by day in this world full of skepticism and sanctions, I salute you.

I often get asked, “how do I get my hijab to match my outfit?,” or “why don’t I just wear a black or white one like other people?” I actually did only wear black or white when I first started but as I grew older and more confident, I felt as though my hijab was just like every other item of clothing to me. People put an effort in their dressing and no where in Islam does it restrict that – in fact, it states the opposite. So I started to branch out with different colours, prints and patterns because a little bit of colour goes a long way. This brings me to the question as to where I buy my scarves?

If you’re living in England, then there are three places that I think offer the most affordable and good quality scarves. From my images, the majority of those scarves were bought from a store called Naqsh and Hidden Gem Hijabs. They’re available online, however, shipping is usually an additional fee that would probably be the cost of one scarf. I would recommend going to Naqsh in person as while they have a variety of scarf types, it’s difficult to always compare the colours online and unfortunately they have NO return policy. Plus they always do amazing deals such as buying three scarves at a discounted price etc. Hidden Gems, have a beautiful collection of scarves and I honestly love the quality and colour range they offer. Their scarves have lasted me ages and no matter how I wash them the colour doesn’t fade and the threads don’t come loose. For those that want a combination of prints then the BEST and definitely most inexpensive shop is Primark. They have an assortment of colours and patterns available by their accessories corner. There are plenty of places in England to buy scarves but these are just a few of my personal favourite.

In Botswana and South Africa, I would definitely recommend Edgars and Woolworths as they are usually good quality and their scarves are usually long enough to cover your neck with material to spare. If you really want to dosh out on some pretty scarves then I would purchase scarves from Accessorize, although it’s always better to wait six months as the usually go on sale and it’s at a much better price to buy.

So there you have it; a look at my scarves, history into when I started wearing them and answers to where I buy my scarves.

Oh one last thing, check out Dina Tokio’s vlog on the simple hijab styles she does and how she does them. (Click her name for the link)

That’s a wrap! (Get it? Scarves – wrap!)
Ok I’m going now…



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