Women’s Week II

Aunt: An aunt is a person who is the sister, half-sister, step-sister, or sister-in-law of a parent, but can also be an affectionate title for an older nurturing lady. Aunts are second-degree relatives and share 25% genetic overlap when they are the full sister of the parent.

Hello all, so this is a continuation from my previous post relating to my most influential women. Now, this week has been absolutely chaotic so I have decided that I won’t limit myself to a week but take the time to mention these women when the opportunity provides because it is not like their appreciation should suddenly falter just because IWD is over – it should be the opposite!

The next most influential woman in my life is my aunt or as I refer to her as; masi (click the word if you’re unsure what it means). This aunt lives in London and from a young age I have been visiting her, during my teenage years I never visited London as much but that changed the minute I went to the UK for my studies. As a child, your perspective on a relative is shaped by your parent’s comments but as an adult you have the opportunity to form your own. I am really glad I was given that chance because I have grown a lot closer to her because of it. Through my aunt, I learnt more about my mother and my late grandparents, it is always amazing to hear things from her because she doesn’t sugar coat and that’s what I appreciate most – her honesty. Above all, I was able to form a bond with her and although I have known her my whole life I can truthfully say that because of our growing relationship, my life has been enlightened in many ways.

So let’s start with the five most admirable qualities that make my masi who she is, that I love and admire:
1. She is honest – I know I have said this before but her honesty is truly the most amazing thing about her. She doesn’t beat around the bush or feel the need to hide what she is saying because, well, why should anyone? Even from a religious perspective, honesty is the best policy and my aunt has been a strong advocate for this.
2. She is strong – from a young age my mother and her siblings had to grow up really fast and realising I am their age when they lost their mother, it leaves me in awe with how courageous they all were. My aunt has had to endure a lot and through prayer and hard work she has gained strength. She always reminds me how having faith is the strongest factor in keeping your spirits up and I always feel comforted when I hear that. I admire her strength incredibly and I am truly grateful to have her strength surrounding me.
3. She is a hard worker – have you ever heard of that saying, “if you want something said ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman!?” My aunt is a living example of getting things done – I mean literally everything. She has the brains, the tools and the streets smarts to literally do anything! I have watched her fix fuses, called her when I had issues with my bathroom and when I need just general advice but no matter what the issue is she will work towards a solution. Now how many people out there can work 6am – 6pm and do everything else? Well my aunt can, not a day goes by where she’s not on her feet always going above and beyond. She truly is a “super-aunt.”
4. She is independent – in the last four years I have had to realise that growing up in Africa was truly a blessing because the lifestyle comparison to England was nothing. England’s pace is triple that of Africa and the clock never stops ticking. The more I have visited my aunt and heard her stories, the more I wish to have that sense of independence and contentment. My aunt always reminds me to work hard for what you want, she would say, “if your intentions are good and your heart is in the right place then you will fly.” She is what I strive to be – an independent, hardworking woman who works towards her aims.
5. She lives life to the fullest – I always call her lastminute.com because she is so spontaneous its insane. One minute she’s working the next minute she’s in snowy Michigan. My favourite memory of us was the night before Christmas eve in 2013, we stayed up till 2am  (even though she had to be up for work at 5am) drinking tea, eating M&M’s, looking at pictures and having a laugh. She has always been someone to live in the moment whereas I am a compulsive planner and I wish I were more like her. I can always hear her in my voice telling me to, “enjoy things now because it will be gone later and life is too short.” She’s right, life is extremely short and I really hope to fill the rest of my time with as many happy memories as  I can.

My aunt is truly the most gifted, caring and loving person you could meet. I miss her everyday,  even though we talk on Watsapp and she’s always supporting me on Instagram, I would give anything to go back to sitting on her cosy red carpet pigging out to junk food and laughing away! I am really grateful for having an aunt like her in my life, she is a blessing and any wisdom I gain from her stays with me from the moment it hits my hear. I can’t emphasise enough how truly remarkable of a woman she is, all I can say is that I am sure as well lucky to have an aunt like her in my life because I know she always has my back!

Anyone else feel like that about their aunt? Share your experiences with your favourite aunt! 



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