24 at Tashas!

Tashas restaurants are based all around South Africa and true to its food it is truly the most unique of places. My 24th birthday was spent here, it was Ramadaan so late night coffee was a must! 



As a restaurant with such a high influx of customers on a daily basis, the restaurants pride themselves on their exclusive menus to each of their franchises. Not all menus have the same type of food so clearly visiting each Tasha branch is a necessity. There are three Tashas restaurants in Cape Town – Constantia, Waterfront and Canal Walk.

Based on my experiences I would definitely recommend the Constantia branch. The beautiful scenic views of the mountains while sipping on a cup of coffee is absolutely breath taking. The staff are always willing to help and have incredible customer service.

Tashas Lindt Mocha

If i have to visit any restaurant in the world (even an airport) my go to drink is definitely the chai latte. Why? Well, its spicy and sweet the best combinations of any drink. Working at Starbucks also makes me appreciate what goes into a coffee or tea even more. Since then I have been hooked on chai lattes as my signature drink.


Tashas has both a spicy coconut chai latte and a regular, of course being me I have tried both and boy is it delicious! However, I do find the coconut chai latte a bit sweet for me so I will definitely stick to the regular so if you’re someone that has a super sweet tooth give this a try! Be sure to visit any of their branches! My favourite is the Constantia branch but for my 24th I visited the V & A Waterfront Tashas.

My mouth is drooling at the thought of having a chai latte right now! (think I might just break my fast at iftaar with a chai latte)


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