The Good, The Bad and The Blog

Hello all!

Apologies for my lack of communication over the last few months it has definitely been quite the year so far! One of the main reasons for my silence is due to my lack of sufficient internet connection! Thankfully, after repeatedly fighting, I managed to get it sorted. So lets break it down as to what’s been going on and what is to come.

The bad
So one thing which truly took a toll on me these last couple of months was rejection. Most people fear it or they hide from it and I was guilty of this. I had applied to Ivy league universities and well (it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out) I got rejected from ALL of them. It was a real blow to my esteem considering how much time, effort and emotional investment was drawn into my application. It is hard to deal with rejection even with things out of my reach but I figured if you don’t shoot you won’t score. So I was extremely disheartened because it made me question my intelligence and discredit my undergraduate degree.

Aside from that, job applications weren’t going well and all my applications for that got rejected as well so, in short (to not bathe too much in self pity) I dealt with my fair share of rejection these last few months. I had recently moved to Cape Town to pursue my postgraduate studies (contingency plans work people!) and it has definitely been a different and trying experience. I have had times where I questioned being here because I also lost contact with a lot of people, but I promise to rectify that by any means now that I am back online. I can finally say I am at a good place where I feel comfortable with my surroundings – but let me emphasise more about that in the next part…

The good
Now for the good stuff. So yes, I moved to Cape Town and after months of searching and praying I found an amazing place to stay. I was a nomad for 2 months because I had stayed at 5 different places and all while living out of a suitcase! Instability almost seemed like the norm for me and while I had the best family here supporting and sheltering me every step of the way (I really couldn’t have survived without them), it was a somewhat refreshing experience because I learnt more about myself.

My rejection made me appreciate the chance to study here and I can truthfully say that studying at the University of Cape Town has to have been one of the best choices I have ever made. I enjoy the curriculum way more than my undergraduate, there is more flexibility and less pressure placed on examinations, as the degree is based on coursework and a thesis. Whereas my undergraduate assessments were always 100% exam based so if you fail that exam, you fail the course. Apart from the helpful faculty staff, I have to say that the university itself is one of a kind. For starters it is on a mountain – I mean hello!!! It truly is a beautiful place to get your creative flow both inside and outside of campus. I have never felt this much comfort so quickly with a school as I have here. It honestly makes all the random issues that I endured here seem so insignificant. The best part about this place – the people. While most can be quite aloof, the remarkable few friends (old and new) I have here have truly makes this place even more enjoyable.

My favourite news is my Umrah journey. Now, for those reading this, Umrah is a type of non-obligatory pilgrimage Muslims participate in when going to Makkah at any point in the year (click the link). It is truly the most uplifting and spiritually awakening experience. I will have a separate post directly aimed at this trip so be sure to look out for it!

I think in hindsight, the difficulties were there for the joys to be appreciated. Had I not been rejected, I would have never got to study here, met the incredible people that I have or gone for Umrah.

The blog
So this is the exciting part. I have decided to channel more of my experiences into blog posts and while I am here I am going to be grateful to blog the chances I have to view this city and all of that surrounding me. While it is the last few days of Ramadaan, I won’t be partaking in any outdoor adventures but I will share some blogs about my time here since March. I really hope you continue to follow my blog and haven’t lost complete faith in me yet but lets just say this is my “mid year” resolution to keep the blog up despite the instability!

SO follow, subscribe and share people! See you all very soon!

OH and say hello to my new signature! It feels just like I’m Lizzie Mcguire

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