Wash Your Brushes Day

I bet you’ve never heard of this day?!
So I may be 5 days late to the celebration but in honour of this day (and coincidentally deciding to clean my brushes for Eid) I figured that I might as well share my brush cleaning routine.


Why its important?
A lot of people think that cleaning your brushes is such a tedious activity (which it is) but it is actually very crucial to do. For starters, there’s a lot of  hygienic factors to take in to account. For example, if you’re someone that applies makeup to your body and face daily, then cleaning your brushes AT LEAST every two weeks is necessary. If you’re someone that shares your makeup tools with someone (yes, that happens) then you DEFINITELY need to be cleaning your brushes at least once a week. The short version of this monologue all boils down to bacteria. Makeup tools such as brushes and sponges absorb innumerous amounts of product and oils from your face and makeup. Improper care for these tools can often lead to skin issues such as acne or rashes. Hence, why it is MORE than necessary to clean them regularly. However, cleaning your brushes incorrectly or nonchalantly won’t help this either. If there have been methods and products that help clean the tools then by all means stick to it. However, just remember that makeup brushes can absorb a lot of chemicals that may not necessarily be doing your brushes any good. This is why I thought I would suggest an inexpensive method that I have learnt to clean my makeup brushes with without even using much.

What you need:
Dirty brushes (Obvi)
Paper towel
Drying towel
Dishwashing soap
Olive Oil
Brush pad* (this isn’t necessary but always a great help instead of using your hand)
Empty bowl

1. Start by mixing two parts dishwashing soap to one part olive oil in an empty bowl. It all depends on the quantity of brushes you’re washing. In the image aside, I washed a few of my travel and dirty brushes (that I’ve been lazy to wash) so I never used a lot of soap and oil. Just remember not to use A LOT of oil!

2. Dip the brush in the mixture and swirl in circular motions on your brush pad while rinsing it through luke-warm water. Be sure to get rid of all of the mixture and keep buffing it through the ridges of the brush pad. This Real Techniques Cleansing Palette has different sized ridges for different sized brushes which helps when buffing off chemicals. Alternatively you can even use the palm of your hand.

3. Rinse the brush and be sure to squeeze the water out in a downwards motion straightening out the brush bristles, at the end, so no water seeps through the ferrule. 

4. Finally, test out the brush on a paper towel to ensure no product residue is left. Once the brush is cleaned leave to air dry on a towel. I usually leave mine overnight because there is never sun wherever I am!

So there you have it! It is a tried and tested technique for anyone out there that doesn’t want to spend large amounts of money on cleaning solutions. The dishwashing liquid and the olive oil are every day necessities in any household so it is 100% justified purchases. Although spot cleaning may help for a few days to reuse the brushes instantly, it is not a long term solution to clean brushes. It can and WILL lead to bacteria on your skin so wash those brushes people! 

See you next post, happy washing! 

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