UNCUT: Meet Anahbee

Anah 2With several vividly detailed and graphic food images, it is no wonder that @anahbee.sa appeals to over thousands of followers worldwide. As an aspiring teacher, part time tutor and student she continues to expand her talents by aiming to not only shape future generations mindset but their love and appreciation for food. Based in the mother city of South Africa, Anahbee has reached new heights by giving the word simplicity a new meaning. Using only her smart mobile phone (Iphone 7 to be precise) and minimal filtering, she keeps her images true to their form proving that food does not require much to flourish its beauty.

With Eid having come and gone, I felt it would be interesting to interview a popular food blogger with such a great appreciation for cuisine. Luckily for me I was able to set up a brief photoshoot and interview (over dinner) with the lovely Anahbee as she let me into her blogsphere and gave me the chance to share with my readers, who really is Anahbee?

Hi Anahbee! How are you doing? Eid Mubarak!
Hello! Im good, Eid Mubarak to you too! (laughs). 

Thanks! Ok, so I’m going straight into this by saying tell us a bit about yourself.
So, someone once described me as a bird because I’m probably the most carefree person ever! (laughs). Well, probably the most unserious person. I am very spontaneous but I like a structured and well planned life. I love taking pictures, reading, sleeping and I love travelling. I kickbox in my free time but I am probably the world’s worst kick boxer!

Wow so no one can mess with you then?!
No (laughs) they can’t! 

So, then, in a nutshell who is Anahbee?
Anahbee, so – Anah is my nickname from my sister who shortened my name Aaminah and bee represents the busy bee that I am. I mean, try and text me and you’ll never get a reply! Ask anyone and they will tell you how I don’t have any time (laughs). My nickname was the first thing I thought of when starting the food page.

Why did you choose to blog about food?
Well I love food, everyone loves food so I just wanted people to find places to eat. After moving here, I obviously had two options: to cook or go out and eat. I, of course chose to go out and eat. I love trying out different cuisines and the best part was that I had my sister with me who I would always persuade to try things out. I wanted people to find good restaurants because I struggled in my first year especially finding halaal ones. I mean it actually helped me start eating sushi!

What is your favourite type of cuisine?
Ok so I don’t have a specific favourite but I mean I love the French for their macarons and their crepes. The Turkish have their baklava, the Japanese have their sushi but I would definitely lean towards Indian or Italian. Italian food mostly for their pasta or pizza – especially linguine! I love pasta. Although, I don’t think I could go without a home cooked curry. In fact, I actually found this really good indian place in Cape Town called Bihari and  I eat their butter chicken and like 5 naans when i miss home food! (laughs). Oh and I think I need to make mention here of how much I really love the Italians because of Michele Ferrero! Ferreros are what i live for!

If you had to choose a city to visit in the world and eat their cuisine for a month where would you go?
I would go to India! I mean you can try out one curry at five different places, and it would taste different each time. They also have a lot of sweet meats that I love! like mango lassi’s, jalebi and barfi! and my chai’s! I would love to visit India! Oh and to visit the Taj Mahal! I enjoy trying new food! 


Apart from all the food you like, what would you say is your least favourite food and why?
Ok well…I have so many. So, doughnuts, ew, why would anyone eat a doughnut? I would eat the icing on top of  it but not the doughnut. I also dislike crisps very much because they just leave you with this horrible feeling on the inside. oh, and all things mint related – ! Oh I also really dislike lemon meringues and savoury quiches, I just can’t stand a quiche!

Ok wow, I learn new things everyday! Moving on, what has been the biggest challenge for you when it comes to food blogging?
So, currently I face a huge time issue! My studies are very demanding so it is really hard to find time to go out and eat. I could do that in my undergrad but with all I have going on, it gets really difficult. I am trying to juggle it all, but i love all that i do, and enjoy keeping busy – sometimes. Anah 5

Have you ever tried to make any of the food featured on your instagram page?
Yes I have actually! I tried to make this prawn linguine this one time, i had tried it at Il Leone Mastrantonio. The pasta there was amazing! well, not so much on my side. I tried and so badly failed but I will keep trying! 

What would you say is your favourite cheat food?
Pizza! Definitely pizza! I can live on carbs! Ok but more particularly because, if you feel sad? Eat some Pizza. Feel hungry? Eat some Pizza. Need a study snack? Pizza! Plus who doesn’t love melted cheese, and they deliver!

How about your favourite dessert?
I love waffles especially with caramel or chocolate syrup and ice cream because bare waffles aren’t as exciting. I need something to look exciting so I can feel excited to eat it! Oh and I love chocolate mousse! I learnt how to make this amazing chocolate mousse from my mummy! So credits to my mama, BUT I think my ultimate and most favourite dessert is my sister’s up and over chocolate pudding, because she serves it hot out of the oven with ice cream and chocolate sauce and it is such a delight just like her!

Sounds like it needs to be featured next on Anahbee!
I think so too!! Shabnam come make me some please! I really love your dessert. 

Well on a final note, what more is to come from Anahbee and what can your followers expect?
Well definitely more food posts and hopefully a proper blog! I definitely want to dedicate more time to the blog. Hopefully, with aishapaedia we can have many more adventures!! —
Haha yes I agree!

But definitely more travelling and food posts! So keep following!

Thank you so much for the interview, your time and wish you all the best!
No problem and thank you! (laughs). 

Anah 15

Anahbee has truly made her mark in the blogging world and there is definitely more to come. If you’re looking for food anywhere in South Africa then be sure to visit her instagram page: @anahbee.sa

Till next time folks!

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