Fuego: Spanish word meaning fire. The term is also used in slang and could have various meanings depending on how it is used.

Ola amigos!

Today’s post is all about my experience at one of the new restaurants
in Sea Point, Fuego. Now I don’t know about you but I have “ay sit u
pego” song in my head every time I say this restaurant’s name! I am a
massive Mexcian food fan, so when I heard that this new Latin American
place opened and is Halaal friendly, I just had to pay it a visit. So
let us get straight into the review!

The restaurant was quite empty when I went, which meant I received the
best bonus of all: great service! The waiter, Henry, was very
accommodating and did his best to make me feel welcome. One of the
chefs is Muslim too, and he came out specially to ask if I was
breaking fast, which I found really refreshing. Had there been more people I could have probably gauged their service level better but for that night it was good.

The restaurant’s aesthetics was quite relaxed and in keeping with the
tone of the restaurant. I think in summer it will be great to sit outside and enjoy
the city street views. Cape Town weather is extremely unpredictable so
on this day I chose to stay indoors because it was FREEZING! The music
and atmosphere was coherent with the Latin America vibe as well. I
wished it was a little busier just so I could see how vibrant the
restaurant would be. Fuego definitely has the right vibe for any
occasion whether it be a date, a casual meet up or even an occasion
meal, as the restaurant appears to accommodate a large amount of

Ok, so hands down my favourite part to the evening was the food. I
ordered a Pollo taco bowl, which is basically a large tortilla filled
with rice, beans, chicken and other vegetables. It was extremely
filling, especially after a fast, but definitely worth every bite. I
am so set to try out the tacos next time for sure!

Looking at the menu at first glance, I admit the prices looked very
steep compared to other food places serving similar cuisine. However,
considering the service and the portion size, I would definitely say
you get what you pay for. It would be great if there was some sort of
promotion in the evening but since the restaurant just opened, there
are more chances for that to be changed. There is a lunch time
promotion which offers a starter and a taco but judging on my time
schedule, dinners work way better. On average, you would be paying
around R 170 per person depending on what you order. It is not your
average taco takeout food vendor but it is, at the end of the day, a
dining experience.

All in all, Fuego had a lovely atmosphere and great service. Would I
go there again? Sure, but I would need to go on an empty stomach
because Latin American cuisine is filling and this restaurant was no
exception! As a gluten free, vegetarian and halaal friendly I would definitely say Fuego is a place to watch.

Check out their Instagram page for more information on their
restaurant: @fuegocpt

Until next post!

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