TBW: The Butcher’s Wife

Hello all! 

So today’s post features my visit to the infamous restaurant, The Butcher’s Wife. Now coincidentally, this restaurant is located right next door to a Butcher – and no they’re not linked in any way! This place was quite empty when we went, in fact, we were the only customers at the restaurant. SO lets break down my experience in true aishapaedia fashion.

Initially, the service was good because we were the only one’s in the restaurant but the minute more people came, they moved my friend and I away to another table to “accommodate” the other party to a larger table. At first, I was annoyed but I ignored it because our food arrived shortly after. Unfortunately, after that we had to constantly call our waiter or get his attention through other means which was quite frustrating because he wouldn’t exactly be helping us until we actually caught the other waitress’ attention.

The rustic theme of the restaurant definitely fits well with the theme of the food. Everything from their cutlery to their seating coincides extremely well with the atmosphere. The uniforms are extremely hipster and each waiter or waitress dons a matching black cap to keep in tuned with the vibe. If you’re lucky enough to go early evening before sunset you will definitely have the privilege of viewing the beautiful mountain not too far away. It really is a treat for the eyes!

Ok so this is another part where the restaurant fell short. It may be deceiving from the images but their food was the biggest let down. Unbelievable right? I ordered a chicken burger; not anything complex, just you’re average grilled chicken burger with a side of their crispy onion rings. The onion rings were O-hmygoodness delicious so to be fair the taste of this food item is definitely a must-have. However, once I took a bite of their burger I was faced with some red and raw meat! Talk about a let down!!! My friend and I both experienced this undercooked fiasco and according to the manager it was due to a new grill being used. Either way, you would expect to be compensated right? Well the manager insisted we order something else, I decided to settle on a Oreo milkshake assuming they really couldn’t go wrong with that – and it really was yummy!


Considering I had an undercooked raw burger, I refused to pay for that burger. However, they still charged me for my onion rings even though they took them away the minute my friend noticed her burger was pink too. Aside from that, the prices were decent and quite fair given the portion size.

So now the question remains as to would I go back? Maybe not in a rush or rather on a day when I am not so hungry. I think I would like to try that burger again as it did look quite scrumptious, but, I will definitely double check that the burger meat is cooked properly before I do. It definitely left a bad taste in our mouths!

Till next post folks! x

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