QUAY x Kylie

Quay: pronounced "key" is a Melbourne born company selling a variety of stylish, "cool" and "affordable" sunglasses for over twelve years. They recently collaborated with Kylie Jenner to create four different sunglass styles to fit a variety of shape faces and taste.

I recently purchased a pair of QuayxKylie sunglasses in the model "purple honey." At first I was reluctant to purchase from Quay as I had never really heard of their brand, however, after watching a couple of reviews on the sunglasses my thoughts immediately shifted. I decided to break down what I thought of their sunglasses into a few headers that may be of interest.

The price range of the Kylie collaboration sunglasses varies from £55 to 60 and that includes free shipping. Based on the quality of my sunglasses I would definitely say they are worth that amount. Quay is not exactly a Ray Ban or a D&G but they do the same job in a much more inexpensive way. Quay has a variety of sunglasses that are definitely much cheaper than the one I purchased. Due to the fact that these are a Kylie Jenner collaboration it is no wonder they are so much more expensive.

I had purchased my sunglasses and within two days they had arrived. It was definitely as promised on their policy and confirmation emails so I was really excited that they stuck to their word. The sunglasses came with a zip over case, a Kylie pom-pom and a glasses cleaning cloth. Basically the standard extras you're expected to get when purchasing any sunglasses (minus the pom pom). Overall, I think the customer service as well as the updates on when I would receive my product was extremely efficient. It can be quite rare for most companies (especially buying glasses online) to deliver when expected.

Usually when I buy sunglasses, I am very self-conscious about the shape of my round face. For starters, I wear a scarf so any sunglasses could awkwardly sit depending on my scarf style. Secondly, certain shades suit a distinct type of face shape and having a round face wouldn't exactly work with the "Hidden Hills" range as it would just make me look like a robot. I am really into quirky sunglasses so the minute I saw the style of "Purple Honey" I felt they were really bold and unique. They are different and almost high-fashion in a subtle way. They definitely came in handy throughout my recent trip to Turkey.

All in all I think Kylie's range of Quay sunglasses are truly a range to watch, they're still available on Quay's website so definitely check them out and see if they are available in your country!

Be sure to leave any feedback on what you thought of these sunglasses as well as any other Quay sunglasses on your wish list. 


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