Kick start the weekend with some tasty treats from the scenically located Sevruga! For those that are unaware, Sevruga is located at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. They mainly specialise in seafood, although they do have other options. I had the pleasure of visiting Sevruga some time ago and I found it a real treat (and not just to my taste buds!). Without further adieu, I will jump straight into my review and break down whether this place was worth it, and if it lived up to the hype. So keep reading! 

Starting off the review with the first thing you experience at a restaurant the minute you enter: their service. As soon as you enter the restaurant, the maître d’ welcomes you and you’re immediately introduced to your waiter. The staff is very friendly and they’re definitely well-informed on their menu, so don’t feel shy to ask for any particular recommendations. There were moments (the busy peaks) that the waiter did disappear for quite some time and I had to get her attention by alerting the other staff members, but she did try make an effort and definitely did her best to make me feel comfortable.

Honestly, my favourite part of the restaurant was the views that overlooked the harbour while I ate. I think people fail to notice how much the atmosphere and location can truly play a role in setting the scene for your meal. I know it sounds somewhat dramatic but I truly stand by this notion. The restaurant can almost be somewhat intimidating with its perfectly placed artwork and extravagant chandeliers, but in all honesty the meal isn’t as expensive as one would expect (spoiler alert!). The location is perfect; not only is it well-lit but I automatically felt a sense of comfort walking into the restaurant (that was also down to their friendly service). They have both indoor and outdoor seating so it is entirely up to you. Just a heads up: the outside seating area tends to fill very quickly so be sure to book a table in advance, if that is what you’re going for!
The menu presents a variety of grills, sea food and sushi. The great thing about this place for me personally was its halaal friendly menu. Surprisingly I didn’t even feel inclined towards the meat as I automatically set my eyes on the prawns. I had previously heard good reviews about their prawns so I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it served. I helped myself to the spaghetti and prawns. If it wasn’t obvious already, I am a massive fan of prawns and pasta so clearly the mix was a match made in heaven! For dessert, I ordered the chocolate fondant which was served with vanilla ice cream. As any basic fondant, it was the perfect chocolate fix to sweeten the meal. The portions are healthy and definitely worth every cent you pay. In simple terms, you get what you pay for!

From the outside of the restaurant, one would automatically assume they are selling their kidney to pay for a meal. It is obviously not your average KFC because you’re definitely going to get what you pay for. However, this restaurant realistically would cost you between R200-300 depending on what you order, but that is the estimated average price. Luckily they offer a variety of promotions: for example, 2 for 1 with the Entertainer app as well as the daily 12pm – 6pm half price sushi and dim sum. There is always a way to work around the steep prices and thankfully, Sevruga is open to this. If you’re looking to treat yourself and make the most of a night out then this would definitely be the place to eat.

The question remains, would I ever return to this restaurant? Most definitely! I enjoyed every bit of my experience here. The meal was delicious, the service was great and above all, the location was class. I will definitely make my way here again, maybe I’ll try something completely different off the menu.

If you ever visit Sevruga, feel free to share your thoughts!



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