Battle of the sponges!

Ohhhhhhh who wipes off the blot of foundation cream! Might as well thank Spongebob Squarepants ladies because let’s face it the craze over beauty sponges as applications has taken the make up world by storm! I was a late bloomer in this department as I was always so skeptical of its application but once I decided to give the sponge a chance, I have not looked back. Two of the most popular sponge brands today are the ones that are going to be assessed in today’s blog; the Beauty Blender and the Real Technique’s Miracle Complexion Sponge (it’s a mouthful so let us just say Miracle Sponge!). 



Both sponges are to be used damp (not soaked) thankfully they both apply lightly on the face. The Beauty Blender is a dream to apply, once damp it absorbs your product and automatically bounces on to the skin with ease. The Miracle Sponge tends to retain a lot of product so it can require another blob of foundation/bb cream applied. Both apply smoothly on the face, however in terms of how much product you would need the Beauty Blender definitely allows coverage without needing to double up. 
When it comes to price this is a no brainer, the Miracle Sponge wins hands down! The Miracle Sponge retails for R129.95 (click the price to see where you can purchase) or £7.99. For people like me that absolutely adore all products Real Technique then their inexpensive products are worth the hype. On the other hand, the Beauty Blender almost doubles the amount of the Miracle Sponge retailing at £16. Unfortunately, the Beauty Blender is yet to sell freely in South Africa or Botswana so your best bet is purchasing through authentic sellers of international makeup such as @nabeelasbeautybar for P300/ R390 . So be sure to check it out!

Both applicators have a distinct look and feel. The Miracle Sponge is bright, bold and has a distinct shape. It has a flat surface on one side to allow a more pressed feel when applying you foundation. It has a pointed tip which also allows any product to get deep into those awkward corners that brushes sometimes can’t get, unless they are the right size. The Beauty Blender comes in a variety of colours (I purchased the black as I thought it was better than the super cliché pink) and the shape is a round circle with a pointed tip. The Beauty Blender material has a much lighter and softer feel then the Miracle Sponge. At first glance, the difference is not noticeable but once damp you can automatically feel it as the Beauty Blender springs much faster than the Miracle Sponge. Both sponges appear much larger when wet and the whole purpose is to mimic the purpose of a makeup brush without having too many.

If you had read my wash my makeup brushes post you would know how and what I use to wash my brushes. Both sponges can be used in the same way that I clean my brushes so there is no special technique. The Beauty Blender does have its own cleaning agent, however, while effective the price isn’t exactly worth the amount you get, especially since there are much more cost-effective means of cleaning your sponge. Annoyingly, the Miracle Sponge tends to absorb so much product that it is twice as hard to remove the product when draining it in water (seriously it takes ages!). Sadly my miracle sponge looks like it is tearing apart from how harshly I may have cleaned it, that is a product of my own careless techniques. The Beauty Blender on the other hand, takes half the amount of time to clean and remains in tact!

Overall, I would say if you can get your hands on the Beauty Blender then purchase it because the Beauty Blender is the best in the business. It is important to remember that the Beauty Blender was the OG make up sponge applicator so it makes sense that it is pricey. However, if you cannot get your hands on the best makeup sponge applicator, the Miracle Sponge is second best and probably the closest dupe you could find! It is all down to personal preference and price. I don’t see myself purchasing another Beauty Blender until this one wears out but the Miracle Sponge I most definitely will buy!


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