I decided to write this post today to shed some light on some common misconceptions my followers have about me (the few that you are). It would be amazing if I could say that I generate income and live off blogging but unfortunately, I am far from that league so instead I pursue what every other average twenty-four year old does (besides the marriage and babies part): a job. This post is just to give you a little insight on the legal path, what I aim to pursue and how blogging has aided in that path as a hobby. So if you don’t want to hear my monologue then visit my other posts; if you do, then keep reading.

For those that haven’t read my old posts in the “Whole Truth” , I should let you know that I am a law graduate – not a lawyer! There is a significant difference; any law graduate would love to be called a lawyer right away but sadly the process isn’t as easy. For starters, you must have the right qualifications, which can either be a LLB degree or an undergraduate degree that can possibly be converted into a law degree – either way there will be law exams involved so it is not so easy to have any degree and call yourself a law graduate. In addition to the LLB, depending on where you want to practice, you would have to challenge the bar exam or undertake solicitor or barrister examinations (for the UK at least). I wish I could say it ends there, but then the hard part kicks in – finding articles or a training contract! This is usually a minimum of two years whereby you’re attached to a firm and the firm could possibly sponsor your examinations. Once you’ve articled for two years, passed the bar and petitioned to be admitted as an attorney, it is time for your oath! (Exhales) THEN YOU ARE A LAWYER!

It tends to vary within every jurisdiction; I based mine on the process in South Africa and Botswana. Many wonder why I chose South Africa as opposed to finishing my law career in the UK. For starters, it is way more expensive in the UK and if I don’t get a job (which is likely as I am not British), then all that training would essentially be for nothing. Since the legal field has such a saturated job market, it is tough to get a job anywhere around the world so if you’re reading this now and you have a job – be grateful!

Amidst all this I decided to pursue a LLM, essentially a Masters in law which would allow me to specialise, so that when people often asked me at undergraduate level, “What law are you doing? Don’t do criminal you shouldn’t lie for a killer,” well Susan, I am looking at ALL types of law and currently have to learn the essentials (which unfortunately includes criminal law). There is no specialising at the rookie level – the law is forever changing which makes it tougher to adapt and if you don’t change with it, then you will get left behind. I have been looking more towards the academic route purely because I have always been a bookworm and frankly the idea of having my legal knowledge published one day fills every cell in me with adrenaline. Does this mean I ruled out the possibility of becoming an admitted attorney? No way! I still want to challenge the bar and become an attorney but ideally my final destination would be in academia.

SO where does blogging fit in all of this? Well if I haven’t repeated myself enough, it is a means of escaping the legal arena momentarily (particularly my thesis) while staying up to date with current affairs. Literature is easily my favourite medium at getting through life whether it is reading or writing it! That term “those who don’t do, teach,” well, to that I say FOR SURE! The process of creating laws is often proposed by academics and once their articles or books are published they are often seen as the fundamental voices to law. Deluded people often think I was driven by the show “Suits” when choosing my career path but in actual fact at the age of 15, law was my choice. I have my own reasons for pursuing law but the prominent and probably most cliché one was to make some changes to society’s perspective. As an academic, I could potentially hold the ability to shape and skill law into something that could change the world (Ok a bit far-fetched but surely you must get my gist by now!).

Overall, whichever path I choose I am glad I have my blog and my law books to get me through it. If you ever have any questions on law then Google it (jokes!) I am always open to sharing my viewpoint from my own experience. With that, I hope you’ve grasped in a nutshell what writing and law means to me. Feel free to drop a comment on your experiences and whether you could relate.


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