It has been a while since I have done a food review, luckily for old archives I dug up the classic Indian meal I experienced a couple of months ago at Bukhara. For those unaware, Bukhara is a South Africa restaurant that aims to play homage to Udaipur and its exquisite cuisine. As someone who is fussy over her Indian food, I was reluctant to try this restaurant as I was worried it may not meet my expectations. Remember I am an Indian so eating Indian food outside of home can be risky because I am a tough critic. Nothing beats mum’s meals so let’s see if this food made the cut!


The service at Bukhara was impeccable, the waiters (though few) remained attentive and efficient throughout the night. They were well-informed on the history of the dishes as well as the aromas and flavours that each dish created. I won’t lie I did indirectly test some of the waiters to see how well they really knew Indian food (I told you I am fussy). Each answer met my expectations and they were surprisingly accommodating when helping me take pictures of the food! Clearly, they have a lot of bloggers!

The ambience of the restaurant is far from your average Indian restaurant but just like the elegant structured architecture of Udaipur the restaurants of Bukhara exude class. Marble floors and detailed chandeliers surround the room and regardless of the occasion the meal always feels like an event. The food is served in clay ceramics and every detail down to the napkins represent the simplicity of the food with the glamour of the decor. It is a perfect equilibrium to a meal.

So this is the part where I tell you that this meal was probably as close as it gets when meeting my overly high expectations of Indian food. My favourite dish of the night was the pani puri starter and the karak chai at the end. For those that have yet to try these dishes be sure to check it out because they are worth every cent. Indian food is best served to share, so any dish you purchase is well worth splitting and luckily my friend and I made the most of the meal by even having leftovers! So while you’re looking at the images let me lay out what we had, for starters we had pani puri, grilled wings and complimentary popadums. For the main it was mostly garlic naan, rogan gosh and butter chicken (always a must) and to end off it was kulfi ice cream and a hot cuppa chai! Man did this meal go down well!! I am already drooling just reminiscing about it.

Ok so here is the not so great part, it is pricey. I am sure to some degree with the decor and the food there has to be a catch, well in this case it is the cost! I was able to split the bill between my friend and I so it came down to R300 with tip, however we did order a whole lot of food! It was basically a three course meal and we did not come up for air! It may not be the best meal to have weekly, unless you possess deep pockets, but for anyone willing to throw an occasion event or just have a good quality curry then look no further – Bukhara has you! Just be sure to budget before.

Would I return? Well I haven’t been back since July (which was when I had this meal) and that is merely because of time schedules, budget and the need to try some thing new as opposed to the same old food. Don’t get me wrong I will definitely return to Bukhara BUT probably for an occasion. The beauty of Cape Town not only lies in its scenery but its diverse range of food options. There are a lot of mixed reviews on Bukhara so it is entirely to your discretion and this experience was summarised on my own. Give it a try to see what you think…



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