Meet & Greet

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a great week so far and that this blog post is a break from what you have been up to. As the title of this post goes, I went to my first meet & greet this week to meet every hijab bloggers’ dream blogging icon – Ascia!

Ascia is an extremely talented, progressive and modest fashion mogul that has over millions of views and followers on Instagram. I first came across her YouTube channel while watching an old collaborative video with her and vlogger Dina Tokio. She came across as refreshing and natural in her dressing and personality. Since then, I have kept following her trends and tips on being a hijabi blogger and fashion icon. You can imagine my excitement when I heard she was planning a meet and greet in Cape Town. It worked out really well as she had this event with another local blogger that I had recently learnt of, whose style and persona I admire. Both these ladies prove how modest clothing and religion can be something interesting to the public and personal both at the same time.

Arriving extra early, I was nervous and anxious as I don’t do really well with crowds. Thankfully, I met a couple of great girls that automatically made me feel comfortable and we bonded over our mutual admiration for these bloggers – they also helped A LOT with photography. Needless to say, I had great company throughout the evening. There is also a sense of uncertainty that envelopes you before a meet & greet as you don’t really know how a person will react “live” and in a completely different atmosphere that they don’t always show on-screen. I was actually worried that the bloggers would be hostile or in a rush to get people going – thank goodness my expectations were completely off  as every single blogger was the complete opposite!

Meeting Fashionbreed

I met Fashionbreed first and she was so welcoming and kind, cracking jokes and feeling comfortable enough to open up to us. I was in awe of her dressing, her excitement, her height (’cause she is SUPER tall) and her family. They stood by her side supporting her and smiling along with every image she took. I even met her mom who is extremely proud of her daughter and her accomplishments (I mean, this girl is on billboards in the city!) and just how far she has developed herself. Coming from such a humble home, it was clear to see from where Fashionbreed got her amazing fashion sense, as her mom shared how she too has always been into clothing.

Meeting Nabilah

Nabilah Kariem was entirely new to me as I hadn’t heard of her, but she is just as big in South Africa through her exploration of modest fashion in unique and innovative ways. I was able to converse with her at the end and found her soft spoken and sweet enough to compliment those around her. I found it amazing how someone could have such a distinct look that made everything look effortless. It is admirable to see such expressive South African talent.

Meeting Ascia

Finally, I had the opportunity of meeting the one and only Ascia – and boy is she just as beautiful in person. Not to sound like I am fan girling too much but meeting her was such an incredible feeling, I hugged her so tightly because I honestly could not believe it was her. In fact, the photographer could probably sense this and he took such a candid shot you can see me hugging her like I was meeting a best friend. She was incredibly humble and genuine throughout the meeting. She took the time to meet every single person there, have a conversation and take a picture (I’m talking a lot of selfies). I shared with her my hobby of blogging and how I feel inspired by her as she vlogs and influences so many ladies around the world – regardless of religion. She was extremely encouraging and wished me the best with my hobby and even had the time to give a shout out to my sister who couldn’t be there. It reveals a lot about a person’s character to be polite and show the same amount of respect to every single stranger you’re meeting. Everyone walked out feeling more in awe and in admiration for her as she thanked us for being there and taking the time to wait for her (even though it was not long).

Meeting these girls reminded me once again of how empowering it can feel to be amongst such influential and genuine women that work hard and stay humble. Although there are plenty of role models out there that stay on that grind every day, it can be extremely motivating. I felt overjoyed by the end of the evening as I walked away with some great conversations, new friends and even better pictures to commemorate the evening!

P.S. Click the bloggers names, which will direct you their page and you can see for yourself how awesome they are!



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