If you were not a toddler in the 90’s, then Dungarees maybe alien to you. For someone like me, my mom used to dress me and my siblings in this piece of fashion all the time. Dungarees are basically a denim jeans and a top connected together which can be long or short in length, and almost resembles a jumpsuit at times. The last time I wore a pair of dungarees was probably around 19 years ago (feeling old now) and ever since they were brought back in 2013, I felt brave enough to wear them again.


This past summer in the UK I had been searching for the perfect pair of dungarees and thankfully, I found them! I did not want the more modern version of corduroy playsuits (keeping it modest here), but the old school, original long length denim overall style. I initially wanted to wear it with a t-shirt and keep it light but after the wind almost froze my arms, I decided to style it a little bit differently. I chose a striped shirt with some converse white ballet sneakers and a lilac scarf to break the look.

I have always found that dungarees can often be unflattering on me, but the vertical stripes and the pop of colour helped. I also like how baggy the look came out and aside from the wind almost blowing me over, I felt comfortable and confident in this outfit. An important aspect to remember about dungarees is that the size of your waist is the best size to get. Usually it is recommended to get a size lower because as with all denim, they stretch. It is not necessary to purchase a pricey one but good quality denim is always a bonus. I got mine from H&M which would retail here (according to the South African website) at R799. They are truly the most comfortable and cooling item to wear – you can probably tell how casual I felt in these images!


How do you style your dungarees? Share it with me in the comments below or share a picture on Instagram with the #aishapaediastyledrop and I would love to check your post out!

Shirt: New Look Dungarees: H&M Shoes: Office UK Scarf: London Market Stall Watch: Daniel Wellington 


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