New Years Resolutions

I’ve never done this before but I figured since I feel like this new found attitude requires me to step out of my usual antics, why not? For now, I wish to share my ideas and thoughts as well as the changes I wish to implement in my every day lifestyle and with the people in my environment.

1. Exercise: I went through the whole of 2017 with no exercise regime or no form of fitness and when I studied in the UK I walked everywhere or went to gym or I was always on my feet for work. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t need exercise because let me tell you people, exercising = endorphins and those hormones make us happy! Whether it is walking or hardcore training do your best and keep pushing because exercise is good for the mind, body and soul. I recently picked up Kickboxing and I’m learning how stiff and unfit I was, it’s embarrassing but also a reminder to keep yourself active as regularly as possible.

2. Pray more and learn more about my religion: as I mentioned in previous posts my religion has kept me sane through monumental aspects in my life last year. I want to maintain that and increase the respect and knowledge I have for Islam. I may wear the hijab but that does not make me perfect – in fact being covered head to toe doesn’t make you perfect. Any relationship with God is personal and I wish to better myself through prayer and reading more of the Quran translation.

3. Perfect my photography: I took on photography classes last year (blog post coming soon) and it was an enrichment I never thought I would undertake. Buying a DSLR is super expensive so capturing images and making the most of the gadgets I have is something I want to revisit this year and perfect. It is hard and some times shooting a picture in Auto just gets embarrassing! It’s time for long exposure photography – I mean that literally and well figuratively (if you know, you know).

4. Blog, blog, blog: one of my favourite things about December was that I realised the key to blogging: consistency. I’ve fallen in love with the hobby all over again and it has been such a mind break from law and my thesis. I hope to produce more content that isn’t your average and generic material. I want my content to speak for itself in a way that people are engaged and left with that “chocolate-on-pillow-before-bed” feeling once they’ve read a post. I also hope when you are reading that you’re open to leaving any constructive comments (trust me I will take it and appreciate it) and share with any people you may think finds this blog appealing.

5. Let go: one of my friends Moonga K sings this incredible song called “Let go” and when I thought of how to word this resolution the only thing racing through my mind was this song. In the chorus Moonga says, “I won’t say no to changing my life the way that I want to, no more tragedies, just let me show you, a common place, a saving grace keep it all and pass time, you’ve got to let go..” (click here to hear the song). It was the best way to capture how I want to live moving forward. I’m always holding anger, frustrations and hurt so I mask my emotions with sarcasm and silence. I want to try letting it go and not letting these emotions overcome me late at night whilst writing my thesis or if I’m walking to get milk. I have enough on my plate and I need to remember that I am who I am and no matter what happens I have to trust in God and accept that even if people can’t accept what you give them if you’re living truthfully and in a way with the best of intentions without wishing ill then that is the way forward and there is nothing more to do. It’s much easier said than done but I am trying and God willing one day I can let go of all the negative energy I’ve held in for so long.

So there you go! My 5 Resolutions for the year. I’m keeping it simple and short because these are demanding enough on their own. I hope I can accomplish this and with each one become a better person and I hope this post inspires you to try new things and experience new adventures whilst letting go of whatever hurts or haunts you inside. Just remember you’re able and breathing to take on the day so let’s not waste it! (Ok I’m stopping with the empowerment speech now).

Comment below on what your resolutions are and whether we share any similar ones! If so, feel free to leave your thoughts.


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