Style Drop: Mom Jeans

YES! You read the title correctly – this week’s style drop is all about the Mom Jean!!! I am sure by my excessive use of exclamation marks you can tell I am extremely enthusiastic about this post. I have been desperate to find the perfect pair of these jeans that has a vintage aesthetic to it. I also wanted to style it in a way that wasn’t too difficult to style and also allowed a good shape to form in the most flattering way possible. Keep on reading to find out the best tips to styling these jeans and what mom jeans can do for your body type!

What is the mom jean? We are all very familiar with the skinny, boot leg, slim, boyfriend and girlfriend jean. Well, let’s introduce you to the mom jean. If you ever looked at old pictures of your mom and aunts back in the 90’s, they would be wearing these baggy, high-waisted jeans. They would usually accompany these with white tennis shoes and a t-shirt. They often have an old washed-out appearance – the more popular ones are a lighter wash.

I decided to get me a pair of this style of jeans and they were very reasonably priced (see below) from H&M. I am not usually one to get baggy jeans because I find them incredibly unflattering on me, but these worked amazingly. There is a stigma attached to this style of jeans as being unfashionable, but I find them unique and vintage. Not only are they comfortable, but the zipper area has a more relaxed fit, and the jean makes your bum appear longer and flatter (which is what I want).

The way I styled this look is not exactly the conventional t-shirt and tennis look; I did wear a striped t-shirt but I decided to add a bit of a cover with the black cardigan and Espadrilles. I love wearing Espadrilles, especially these, not only because they’re the knock-off Chanel version, but also because they are the perfect summer shoe. This look was meant to ooze comfort and cool (summer is a killer) so I wanted to remain cool without appearing sweaty and uncomfortable. I wore them all day and the cut hem at the bottom still reaches my ankles which was a major positive for someone who tries to find jeans within the “modest” range. Good on you H&M!

I decided to hit up the pastel pink for my lip colour, matching the door, and kept my hijab black so that the focus of the look was the jeans. My shades are super old school with my purple honey Quay x Kylie look.

All outfit details are posted below. Let me know if you would ever wear these and if you have, how you styled it. Be sure to tag #aishapaediastyledrop so I can view your “finesse” (Yes, bring out the Bruno) looks!

Shoes: Office London| Jeans: H&M|T-shirt: H&M| Overcoat: Urban Outfitters| Scarf: Zara| Watch: Marc Jacobs| Sunglasses: Quay Australia 

Till next post folks!


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