That planner flat lay

Before I begin, for those unaware a flat lay is basically when you’re shooting items from directly above styled on a surface.  So if you think this flat lay is just some basic generic image with a bunch of random objects coerced together to make an image aesthetically pleasing – you’re halfway there.  The other message behind this is basically my way of describing how I plan to stay on top of things this year by outlining what each object stands for. A lot of people think I am an obsessive planner – well you’re right I am so allow me to explain why through each of these articles.

Living in the UK allowed me to value time more effectively especially since life is faster half way across the world and no one really has time to breathe. On the other hand – Cape Town is one slow circling tornado (minus the rain – seriously there is a drought) so things are much slower here. I have used a lot of what I have learnt over the years and thankfully it seems to be working for me especially when it comes to planning and organising my schedule.

Laptop: Most people just put the laptop in the flat lay for picture purposes but for the next couple of years and in previous years a laptop is my life. I do everything on it – work, watch shows, manage my blog, edit my photography and the most important of all YouTube! I pretty much aim to get the full use of a laptop and value for money each and every day and thankfully mine has lasted me through my undergraduate and postgraduate.

Phone: Nowadays there is not one person out there without a phone! As crazy as this sounds it is true – I am part of the majority! Since I got my hands on an iPhone X I have more storage, better images and more applications to help me keep up with current affairs and manage my social media – including my blog. As I laid out in my resolutions I wanted to blog more and be consistent and this is the major key in making it happen. I always have my phone on me so if I am contacted I will respond – clearly not that busy but enough to keep active.

Groom kit: I am sure a number of you may wonder what this is, it’s not a purse it is actually a groom kit. As someone trying to abide by resolutions and keep fit it is essential for me to remain tidy and groomed. Don’t get me wrong I still hang around in pyjamas all day but my groom kit is by my side weekly to keep things in check!

Diary: Since I was a kid I had a diary (you can even ask my siblings since they always welcomed themselves to reading it). Writing everything down is the best form of expression for me and I can retain it a lot faster when I can see something written. Some people use their phones which work too but jotting things down is a good reminder to keep on top of every thing. This diary from Typo is perfect, it has enough space to express all that you need to do for the day and has random special event days that actually exist for e.g National Opposite Day!

Watch: As a hoarder of watches, this is easy – a good accessory and an even better reminder to stay punctual. My arm never feels complete without one and whilst people may use their phones for the time I like to keep it old school. This watch was purchased two years ago through ASOS by Olivia Burton. The strap is classy and elegant with a feminine rose gold touch.

Bookmark of Africa: this is probably my most favourite item out of everything laid out in the image. For starters, my dad bought it for me when we were sightseeing Table Mountain for the third time and he thought I should get a memorabilia. As an ardent book-worm I thought this book mark symbolised my two favourite things. Firstly, my love for reading and a reminder to not always stay engrossed in just law books and secondly, it’s a reminder of home; Africa. No matter where I am in the world I am African (my Botswana passport can attest to that before any one judges me by my ethnicity).

So there you have it! My planner flat lay of things helping me get through 2018 as successfully as I can while making it seem like I have my head screwed on straight. Hope you’re all having an incredible day and keeping on top of those 2018 resolutions!




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