Bloggers To Watch

In the blogosphere, I feel that at times people rarely acknowledge who their sources of inspiration are, and whilst that may be fine if you’re doing your own thing and your work is solely based on your own creativity, there are always some people or Pinterest-worthy inspirations that help one discover that inner creative genius. As a blogger that only started in January last year, it has been an interesting journey. I may not have a big following, but I have become more confident in my writing, tried to find more innovative blog posts, networked with incredible people and, above all, gained a deeper admiration for blogging. Major respect goes out to those that can make this a full-time profession – because it is far from easy! So here are a few bloggers to watch that I feel deserve acknowledgment for their content and for you guys to give them a browse and who knows, maybe you might just love them as much as I do. Oh, and notice how beautiful and photogenic they are!

Candice Boddington @candibod
I only stumbled across her Instagram feed by chance and thank goodness that I did –  she is your fitness and health girl. I may not be the best health advocate, but there have been times through my exercising journey that I have watched her stories and read her posts where she has shed light on topics that my body faces. As a Cape Town-based influencer, she is definitely the go-to for all things health related – she literally takes you to the best health grocers and shares her recipes and fitness routines! She is also available for personal training just in case any of you were wondering. One of my favourite things about Candibod is her ability to always share good energy, even when she is having a “poo” day as she would put it. It is that type of positivity that you must have on your feed! She has a website, Instagram and YouTube account, so be sure to follow her. She is also a message away if you ever need advice!

Nabilah Kariem Peck @nabilahkariem
As she describes herself in her bio, a “skinny girl with fat dreams,” she is definitely an influencer with an edge. I had not heard of Nabilah until her meet and greet with Ascia, but ever since then, I have been loving her feed. She is truly a humble, unique and edgy blogger! She pushes the limits to standard dressing and makes fashion look effortlessly chique. Go give her scroll a feed – I promise you that you will follow instantly. She pieces items you wouldn’t conventionally piece together and that is what I love most about her. Oh, and did I mention that despite her massive Instagram following, she is willing to respond to your messages as if you are casually WhatsApping a friend? I find that amazing, especially in a generation where people who are popular on Instagram blatantly ignore your messages yet want more engagement. Nabilah is genuine both inside and out. She is always tagging for details, sharing her food journeys and taking modest fashion to the next level!

Rebecca Arendse @theminimaleblogger
Thanks to browsing through Nabilah Kariem’s feed, I stumbled onto a page that had an array of minimalistic tones. It is often difficult to find high fashion at the High Street in Cape Town, but ever since I started following Rebecca (literally since January), I have been revisiting my own wardrobe. Having lived in the UK for the last three and a half years, I was surrounded by every single person wearing H&M in the same generic way but when I browsed through Rebecca’s feed, I was so surprised to find out half her fashion items were from H&M. As a brand ambassador, it is often expected for an influencer to advocate the brand in a positive light. I think looking at someone like the theminimalblogger, she proves how genuine she is about a brand because of how confident she looks in her posts. She reiterates how she draws inspiration from modest attire and I am honestly in awe of how wearable and classy her style is. Oh, and another added bonus – her photography! Guys, this lady is an all-round talent, before I type an essay about her talents, give her and her website a browse. It will be worth your time!

Cat Haines @ladylawstudent
I had the pleasure of meeting Cat in law school and on the occasions I ran into her (mostly at work – Starbucks to be precise), I was always complimenting her style. In fact, she not only works but she manages to find the time to post pictures, renovate a house and plan a wedding all whilst still looking like she should be on Pinterest. Seriously, no one can carry off mustard like this lovely lady and I am so proud to say that I actually know her. She is definitely one blogger to watch. One of my favourite things about her feed is the interior decorating of her new home. She is pulling off comfort with class and I have to say, I can’t wait to see a final result. Oh, and not forgetting her amazing mirror selfies – she gives a girl confidence! Be sure to read her blog people you will NOT be disappointed.

Tasleema @teeheeleema
Another beautiful woman I have had the pleasure of meeting personally! Funnily enough, the more she has posted on Instagram or blogged, the more I feel like I have grown to know her through her writing. Another blogger that makes posting on Instagram look effortless; if you stumbled across her feed, you would see her in the most chique clothing standing in front of a door making you feel like you should start changing your own doors to look that good! Her style is constantly evolving and my favourite thing about her posts is her use of layering and loafers. Her shoe style is right up my alley and not one post goes by that doesn’t make you want to buy her coats. I am honestly in awe of her whole aesthetic. She is a mum of two and makes fashion look effortless – it is nothing short of inspiring and incredible.

So there you have it – the bloggers I watch and hope you will too. Of course they are all confident and driven women that deserve amazing respect for how they carry themselves – whether it is through their writing, energy or style. There are plenty of influencers out there that I haven’t mentioned, but for now these are my favourite that I think will stick for a while. So do support them and give them a follow!

Any other influencers you would recommend? Feel free to mention them in the comments below!


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