A Pink Afternoon with Benefits

If you had been watching my recent stories on Instagram, you would have seen me at the recent Benefit BADgal BANG mascara event, where me and a couple of other amazing Benebabes got to see the mascara, view its application and get first hand techniques on the best way to use other Benefit products. The VIP guest guiding us through all this was the creative “hair chameleon” herself, Kimlyn Sisam. It was such an incredible event to be at, especially since I recently discussed how badly I wanted this new mascara in my Wishlist post. Amazing to see how God works! Read on for more details…

The Event
It was surely a pink affair – from the cosmetic counters to the pink dresses to the pink refreshments, it was every girl’s dream to be surrounded by so many makeup products. We learnt more about Benefit as they took us through the history of how Benefit grew as a company and as the authority of brows since 1976. Did you know you could get your brows waxed and tinted at their brow bar? The prices vary but the beauticians are experts with the best tools to get your brows looking fresh. It was amazing to network with people from the company and to understand more about the brand as a whole. When I lived in the UK, I rarely invested in Benefit cosmetics, and it was only when I purchased their bronzer that I felt inclined towards learning about the brand. I heard nothing but great reviews and I couldn’t wait to learn more when I was invited for this event. Benefit was kind enough to give us some goodies which I cannot wait to try!

Kimlyn (@kimlyn_makeuphair)
I have been following Kimlyn only recently and whilst I may not be a make up expert, I had the opportunity of meeting one. As always, she was bright and beautiful on the day with enormous amounts of energy to get us in the spirit of learning about the new out-of-this-world mascara. She did a makeup look which she would do on any normal day as if she had to leave the house in a rush. The look on her model, Ashleigh (@Asherr), was flawless and didn’t require so many products. It was a natural look which she enhanced by adding the one and only BADgal BANG mascara. It was her first time with the mascara too and we all had the exact same reaction when she laid a coat of mascara on her model – damn! Meeting Kimlyn and learning from her techniques made a real difference to the event. She has such a vibrant energy it is not difficult to admire her appeal both inside and out. She has some amazing skills not just with your traditional looks but with SFX makeup too. Her work is truly unique in the most innovative and creative way and it is definitely worth a view. Check out her Instagram and I guarantee you will be left in awe.

BADGal BANG Mascara
Now onto the star of the event and why I was there in the first place: retailing for R375 for the full size and R175 for the travel size, this mascara offers a slight variation to all other mascaras out there. The mascara is waterproof, lasts 36 hours and contains gravity-defying particles. These light aero-particles are derived from space technology which makes this mascara “out of this world.” It has a slim impact brush which allows for an easy glide-on application which also means a much longer reach. I have yet to try it but when I do, I will definitely update you with the details so be sure to check out my Instagram for more updates.

Thank you so much to Benefit SA for making me a part of this journey. It was so lovely to meet people from such a great community that welcomed all of us with such warmth and excitement. It is amazing to see people come together with a warm embrace, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity and the amazing goodies to try out!


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