Sushi with no sake please!

Living in Cape Town means the best seafood at your door step and I definitely try to take advantage of this as much as possible. It is important to remember that seafood is super pricey so it is more like a luxury treat after a couple of months. Luckily, Cape Town is home to a number of sushi places which offer half price deals with the highest level of quality. The focus of this blog post is all about my top 3 sushi places to eat at in Cape Town. I look at each place with my usual food review criteria – cost, service, atmosphere and food. I decided to try out the “signature” dishes at each place to sort of compare all the places in a similar format. For more info on each place give their name a click! Keep on reading to discover which made the top spot!

3. Salushi (@salushiza)
I am sure most people would disagree with me and place this as their number one based on the variety of their dishes, however, this post is based on sushi alone. Don’t get me wrong they have delicious sushi but it is the standard taste and maybe the few times I have been there I haven’t had the best of experiences. The service is pretty standard as well, not really anything different but the waiters accomodate you to the best of their ability. The ambience is what really helps this place, there is seating inside and outside which meets the Japanese zen vibe – from the seating to the lighting. The cost is somewhat decent – they do have a set special menu that is on a daily promotion so that does help but the quality of the sushi isn’t always the greatest. You can expect to pay around R200 – 250 for two people for the sushi. It is almost a hit or miss when you come here so here is hoping you are not faced with the latter.

2. SushiBox (@sushiboxsa)

The most underrated sushi place in the whole of Cape Town, I absolutely adore this place – the Newlands branch to be specific. The service is good, you can tell the staff do their best to make you feel comfortable and on the many occasions that I have visited here they have made a constant effort to make sure we are happy with our meal. The Newlands restaurant is not the biggest franchise but it has the most calming atmosphere. Everything is open and spacious with greenery in every corner. The food itself is delicious and with the platter I ordered (The Tiger Box) it encompassed a yummy array of flavours. The food was refreshing and the use of the wooden boards added a nice touch to the meal – it’s Instagram worthy! In terms of cost, they don’t necessarily have insane promotions that I have been made aware of but the prices vary. On average you can look to spend about R200 between two people (excluding drinks). I loved this place and it was so difficult to decide whether to place this place 1 or 2 because this place is just that good!

And..number one is…

1. Willoughby & Co.

Yup! I wouldn’t have suggested any other place because of how high rated this place is. No seriously – there is always a queue and only one franchise in the whole of Cape Town. The Sushi here is incredibly mouth watering and unique. Each plate looks so beautifully presented I honestly don’t feel like eating my food sometimes. I have two favourite dishes from this place but for the purposes of this blog I had to go with something unique. The sushi that I tried is called the “Bomb,” it is not on the menu but it is one damn good dish. If you haven’t already be sure to try it. The service is very quick if you manage to get there within good time.

Not every restaurant is perfect with service, especially one as busy as this one, but they really handle themselves well despite the busy periods. Willoughby’s is situated in the V&A so the space is quite limited but they have seating at the sushi bar and a proper sit down area – but that comes with a wait. As for the cost, it is quite decent depending on what your order is. On average you can expect to pay R200-300 for a sushi dish to fit around 2-3 people. Rest assured the quality that accompanies Willoughby’s sushi is worth it!


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