Style Drop: Keeping It Uniform

It has been a long time coming but I finally have another style drop lined up for you guys on the blog. This is actually a long over due, but I have been so lazy nowadays I am slowly turning into a snail. I noticed the last time I did a style drop was last month, therefore, this post was definitely a necessity. I recently purchased these uniform wide leg trousers that is currently part of Zara’s Autumn range. I am a massive fan of the colour “uniform,” which I bet sounds weird to think such a colour exists – oh, but it does! To find out more on how to style this colour for the Autumn season, keep on reading.

I only discovered the colour uniform at the age of sixteen, and this was mainly due to my purchase of MAC’s Technakohl eyeliner in the shade uniform (which you might be able to notice in the images below). Uniform is a deep khaki green with pearl undertones. I am obsessed with this colour and if you visit my wardrobe, I own a lot of khaki and olive as an homage to the uniform spectrum. This colour is flattering on literally ALL skin types and is dark enough to match with any basic colour (besides yellow and orange). Since the colour is very dark, I decided to take this look even darker by styling it with a black top and a matching black scarf. The statement of this outfit is my trousers, and my aim was to emphasise them. They are truly the most comfortable and relaxing pair of trousers I own, especially since they are wide and help hide the shape of my legs. It is honestly a very good break from wearing jeans – I often find myself in darker and more breathable fabrics rather than denim nowadays.

My makeup is the bare minimum for two reasons: firstly, my skin is getting extra sensitive lately and prone to spots, and secondly, I didn’t want to make this look too dressed up as the accessories and ensemble should speak for itself. I wore a normal loose-fitting black top with a pair of beautiful tassel earrings (my latest obsession) which you may have seen in my Wishlist post recently.  I matched it with a black watch and my extra comfortable Birkenstocks. I know most people don’t think wearing health shoes are fashionable, but I aim to contrast that approach by keeping these shoes a staple in my every day dressing – even if it is just for an hour. I think it makes the look more casual, and if you wish to make it more formal, just add some boots or heels and voila! The look is complete with the uniform trousers remaining the centrepiece!

Scarf: Naqsh| Earrings: H&M| Watch: Marc Jacobs|Top: Mango|Trousers: Zara| Shoes: Birkenstocks

What do you think? Would you style these kind of trousers and how would you approach it differently? I hope this was grunge enough for you! 


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