March Wishlist

Another wish list coming your way for this blog post, as I share with you my top must haves for the month. As with the last wishlist, this one features a variety of furniture, fashion and lifestyle items. Remember this is just my personal wishlist, we all have our own preference of items so I hope these posts serve as some sort of inspiration when it comes to selecting items for the month that you would like to save up for. These items are priced from a wide range of pricing so I always try to find dupes or things similar if you cannot get the exact item, it is definitely what I aim to do.

1. French Mirror
Annoyingly, I have been using my shower door and elevator mirror as my full length mirror for the last year and when I came across this mirror I was dying to have it. The mirror quite pricey (so I have been on the hunt for a similar style) but it has such vintage and elegant details alongside its frame that one can almost see the French inspiration that went into this mirror. It is rather pricey sitting at R4600 it is available in white, black and this silver colour from @home. I think it is safe to say what my choice is, whether I will ever get it is another story.

2. Copper bed side lamp
Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 20.39.18As someone who has a room which attracts not a lot of light, I have been desperate for a stylish yet classy bedside lamp. A popular choice has been the copper and rose gold lamps which have recently become all the range as of end of last year. I have been desperate to find a copper and marble bed side lamp which is close to this or even anywhere similar to this style. This lamp is available at Esque at a whopping of R968 for just one lamp, for this item a dupe is definitely needed!

3. Sunglasses
After watching the Kardashians, I have noticed the trend of small sunglasses is all the range (good eye Kanye!). I think I would have to be the only person that thinks they are pointless – mainly because they fail to protect your eyes from glare. Which begs the question as to, “WHAT IS THE POINT?!” Forgive my judgment, if you can rock them then good on you maybe I just lack the face shape to actually pull them off. However, I did manage to find a pair which meets this concept halfway. The Gigi Hadid for Vogue eyewear collection appears to serve the purpose of protecting your face whilst simultaneously expressing minimalism. The price of these babies vary abroad so it all depends on where you are based.

4. Pashmina
Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 20.39.46With winter rolling in, it is the ultimate Hijabi weather as we can wrap ourselves in multiple layers of scarves and cocoon ourselves in warmth. I’m already so excited for the cold weather that I have been browsing online for the perfect reasonably priced yet stylish Pashmina. Whilst I was in Turkey I was able to grab myself a Pashmina and since then I have been hooked. I found something quite similar from a store called Out of the Blue. They have stores all throughout the Western Cape. It is new stock so the prices will be released soon, so I will keep you posted.

5. Belkin Fast Charger
If you follow me on Instagram you will see I recently purchased Saatchi wireless charger for my IPhone X. BIG MISTAKE PEOPLE! Do not, I repeat, do NOT buy this wireless (fast) charger, it is super laggy and takes ages to charge my phone on airplane mode fully. I had been trying to find alternatives to this charger and I suppose the best option is to purchase the Belkin charger from Apple. I will be returning my Saatchi and hopefully getting myself a Belkin fast charger, let’s hope they are better results so watch this space!

As usual click on each image for more information on the products and their prices. It may be the end of March but I will definitely work on my April wish list a lot sooner. It has been quite a busy month and now that I am back home I will have more time to blog.

Till next post folks!


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