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TGIF! Am I right? Well it has been a long week for me folks, so I thought I would write a post about the best end to the week. Fridays are a good time for a number of reasons; for starters the weekend is near, it is a day where everyone in the world has a laid back attitude and finally it is all about the food! It is usually a big lunch in our household and so I thought I would review a restaurant that left me feeling full.

I had been really eager to visit Rocomamas for a while now, mainly because of how people have hyped it up. When I knew we were visiting Johannesburg I had to cross it off my list as a restaurant to visit. They have two halaal franchises in Melrose Arch and Sandton City so if one is full (which is likely) there is always the other franchise because it is owned by the same person. Now the speciality of Rocomamas is in its burgers and epic variations of fries. So here goes the aishapaedia review format!

We went for dinner so it was extremely packed with people so much so that there was a wait. Lucky for us we got there before the rush and we were seated immediately. Annoyingly they don’t take reservations so it is best to be there as early as you can be. Once seated you’re given a notepad where you tick off your order and write your name from mains to sides. Our food arrived within 15 minutes and our waiter was constantly checking up on us so we felt very well looked after. Despite how crazy busy they were they made the effort of going that extra mile and it was appreciated.

If you are a fan of the colour orange the Rocomamas national colours are orange and black. Everything about the restaurant is spacious (remember this subject to the restaurant you visit) but they are generally bright, rustic and accompanied with a vibrant atmosphere. Rocomamas definitely leave their customers feeling full of food and energy.

DELICIOUS! Seriously. I couldn’t describe it any better. Cooked to perfection and everything was worth every bite. I ordered the chilli cheese bomb with chilli cheese fries. My mom ordered the mushroom burger with chilli con carne fries and it filled us up. I swallowed my food with a cold Oreo milkshake and let me just say the burger and shake went down!

So there is a range of food items listed on the menu which vary between the type of burger you choose as well as the sides and drinks. On average per person you are looking to spend around R150 for a full meal which is decent considering the restaurant sits between takeaway and fine dining. It is worth every bite because the portions are hearty and will leave you satisfied even with the smallest of sizes.

If you hadn’t guessed already I will definitely make the effort to return – especially for the Red (tikka) burger that is not on the menu but is apparently so good it always runs out of stock. Give it a try for a smashing burger meal!


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