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I can’t apologise or find any excuses for this almost four-month hiatus. It was almost as long as your favourite tv show break after the end of a season. Whilst I have many reasons none of them would fully explain my silence from blogging. In fact, they all made me want to blog even more! Unfortunately my lack of creativity and morality got the better of me so I took a break from writing. It was interesting and whilst I enjoyed posting purely on Instagram the itch to write never stopped. This brings us to this post – I’m blogging again (kind of).

Writing and blogging has been a release over the years and a great one to be honest but with the feedback from all of you, I have felt it is necessary to start exploring more options to express myself because let’s be honest, no one ONLY reads blog posts anymore. It is ALL about the videos and keeping it visual. In fact, based on my Instagram surveys many of you responded with creating videos as well. The main reason behind doing videos is because of convenience as most people don’t usually have time to read blogs. Fair enough, I think it is a great idea and I hope to be stepping into that era soon. (Yes, I recently got my hands on a Canon G7x so you know I am getting there!).

Another thing I wanted to touch on in this post, is support. For those of you that have been supporting me whether it be through my blog or my Instagram I wanted to thank you for your engagement and I hope I can uphold your expectations with my posts and creativity. I also think it is incredibly important to support others – small or big. This can be through likes, reads, constructive comments or even just a follow. Honesty is always appreciated because I think people do need to hear the other side, however being completely malicious isn’t. Thankfully I have not experienced it on social media but from what I have gathered I think many people who start filming videos are often subjected to mean comments.

When and if I do start making videos I hope it can be a positive space expressing my energy and ideas in a way that relates to each and every one of you that reads this blog and follows the visuals on my Instagram. Until then, expect some posts because they will sporadically pop up. 

Till next post!


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