meet aisha from aishapaedia



My name is Aisha and I am a Cape Town based PhD student and freelancer in writing and online content creation. I started blogging in 2017 in order to feed my creative and graphic side, which had been apparent from a young age. I chose to pursue a career in law which fuelled my passion for writing and polished my outlook on society. I studied at the University of Leicester whereby I learnt the route to independence early on having moved from Botswana and living alone. After graduating I decided to take a break from studying and work predominantly in research, Having realised my interest for writing and legal jargon I immediately forsook the corporate career path I had once envisioned and placed my faith in a new but equally stimulating road: academia. 

Thus began my whirlwind move to the city of Cape Town - a place of character and creativity. One thing that enabled me to experience this city fully was my love for photography which allowed me to appreciate and understand my surroundings in a different light. Although my heart bleeds boffin I have discovered a passion that has allowed me to express parts of who I am through my content published on social media - blogging. 

By starting this platform I aim to write articles and curate images that allow engagement into my story. The key to acknowledging this is through understanding the themes that encompass who I am. Through my style, I plan on sharing my passion for piecing a quality look that speaks beyond the outside of the body but encourages an individual to seek their aesthetic from within. Through the features I publish, I aim to enlighten the mind with articles that inspire both my educational and creative background. An amalgamation of these allows you to understand the crux of who I am and what I intend on expressing with the world. 

I am a lover of good food, conversation and energy so feel free to reach out and continue this journey with me as I unravel these layers through my words. Have a look around and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.

All content is created and written by aishapaedia