surviving student living

Hey all!


As a new year begins so does the call to a new academic semester or year for some. Having started out my first year of university in 2013, I have always wanted to write up a list or some tips that could help get you through student life and surviving it somewhat successfully. Although I learnt A LOT of things on my own - which is always the best teacher, it tends to help to have a guide that polishes out the things to look out for and stay sane throughout the pre-adulting life. Although I am into my postgraduate studying phase the same principle and tips apply.

Get to know your surroundings

As a research junkie I tend to find googling a place and reading reviews or blogs on what to expect in the city or place you’re visiting. As a potentially new home city, it would be safe to find out the ins and outs of what the place is like and what to expect in terms of safety, transport and expense. Sometimes it helps to join societies affiliated with the local community that way you can find out more from people that actually grew up in the city. Everybody acts and lives their lives differently so be sure to take that up into account as most people aren’t always how they are in your home city. Living alone can be daunting but it helps to feel confident in where you’re living so that you don’t feel too anxious. Feeling anxious about where you live tends to play out in other scenarios of your life so try get comfortable with where you are locating, it makes the moving and living process much easier.

Meet new people

Creatures of habit tend to follow the same routine and also tend to stick to the same people. Although this is a great method of keeping your home comforts whilst living abroad, it can often stop you from growing or learning new aspects about yourself. If you’re starting at a new school than be sure to make the most of the situation by meeting people you’ve never known. It can’t be truly terrible to do considering you will be starting out at a new place that you have in common, this can often lead to good friendships or bad - either way it is worth learning about. Friends in a new city can often turn into a new family that you never knew you needed. It can be seriously rewarding and make surviving in a new home much easier.


You know those moments when you were a kid and had to go to bed early to get up in time for school? Well, word of advice it helps to do the same in university especially since most of the time if you lose out you’re the biggest loser in the situation. Having no parents around with you can often lead you with a whole new sense of gratitude for your parents or guardians an alarm clock just can’t measure up to. A balanced diet and sleep pattern helps a lot with getting through the day. It is no secret that you will be eating tubs of ice cream for dinner, living off 2 minute noodles and cereal for lunch as well as eating pasta every second day (yes this was me). It was a terrible phase and we all go through it, especially during my first year but I reached a point where I felt lazy and queasy every day! So try find a meal plan that involves home food or something that isn’t processed or high in sugar - seriously ice cream won’t do it.

Budget & Lists

This ties in with the previous tip, it often helps to set budgets because lets face it being a student is crazy expensive. When you’re starting out it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking you will use and need everything in store or whatever your friend has in their place. Trust me this isn’t the case in fact you just end up spending more than necessary. It helps to keep lists of what you need to buy and what you need to pay for which is necessary such as bills or fees. Budgeting can often seem cheap to do especially if you will be surrounded by certain groups of people it helps to take the time and money out for things you really want to do without having to worry about being broke for majority of your student life. Good friends will understand this so don’t be afraid to put your budget ahead.

Photos tons of photos

During your university life you will be faced with crazy late nights, exhaustion, food comas, starving hour and basically creating new moments that you would want to remember forever. The best way to do this is to take tons of pictures or videos and this doesn’t need to be broadcasted with the world but it can be saved to your archives whenever you want to look back on it. Basically ten year challenges for the university days! It is worth keeping track of and remembering the moments that got you through living at your home away from home.

There you have it! My five suggestions and tips when it comes to helping you get through the day as a new student. Let me know if you find this helpful or what has helped you get through university life. Be sure to comment which has helped most if you’ve tried them out.