10 things you didn't know about me

Hello all!

I often come across people that meet me in person or even when it comes to conversing with family members around the world they don’t know what I am doing or what is going on despite having a very open profile on Instagram and being a blogger. This just called for a 10 things you didn’t know about me post.


10. I am obsessed with good food - ok this may not be so new but it is true because I am big foodie and lover for searching for good eats whichever city I am in. Zomato is basically my best friend and my Instagram always reflects the food I love to visit.

9. I talk a lot - conversation is my favourite thing to do with people. Interacting and just constantly speaking is something I enjoy. I have always been talkative so I am always open to a chat!

8. I am obsessed with cats - enough said. If you’re a cat person we’re already friends.

7. I have always been a bookworm - reading books has always been an obsession of mine to the point where I would read books in the dark instead of going to bed at night when I was supposed to. Probably explains why I had glasses from the age of 9.

6. I wasn’t a fan of living in the UK - as much as I loved studying in the UK with my amazing family over there, I wasn’t a massive fan of the whole experience. I began to realise that staying in a place where you are unhappy affects your mood a lot and general aura. I love visiting but I realised it is very different being a student in a city and having to “adult” in an expensive and gloomy city.

5. I am an obsessive planner - this boils down to my OCD but I have to plan! I know this can often blow up in my face when things go wrong but I always need to plan things to feel more stable about my day to day activities. Which often requires meetings with friends to be made in advance - luckily the good friends in my life are usually on the same page and they understand it.

4. I am a self diagnosed shopaholic for clothes - one of the best things to make me happy is retail therapy. I have always enjoyed to shop or even the idea of window shopping makes me feel immense relief.

3. My favourite accessory is a watch - since I was a kid I have been wearing watches, whether it was the free watches from a kids meal or begging my dad for his watches. I have become so obsessed with the elegance of wearing something on your wrist that matches with any outfit but it is also a classic statement. This doesn’t mean I love the new digital smart watches but more so the classic round or square faced analog watch.

2. I am insecure of my weight - as a kid I have always felt insecure of my weight. When I was younger I was quite chubby. Growing up I lost that baby fat only to gain it throughout my teenage years and sadly this has been something I have battled with since then. Thankfully with some change in perspective I have realised good exercise and fitness levels are important rather than being skinny. Hopefully with time I will feel more confident in my skin but it’s a marathon not a sprint!

1. I am NOT a full time blogger - so strangely enough I always get the assumption from people that I am a blogger and people assume this is my full time job. No, I am actually a PhD candidate and working part time as a researcher for the development of law at my University. Trust me I love what I do full time hence my obsession with writing but more so when it is not always law related.

There you have it! The 10 things you didn’t or probably did know about me. Do you agree with some of these things or can you relate to any? Any more questions about me feel free to comment and until then I will see you in my next post!