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Hey readers!

As promised I decided to write up a detailed blog post specifying all the wonderful things that I got upto over the weekend of my takeover with Cape Town Magazine. For those unaware, Cape Town Magazine provides all the best information and guidelines towards making your trip to Cape Town memorable - from food to sites to events. The opportunity to take control of their platform was an experience I am truly grateful for and could not be more appreciative of this chance, so if the Editorial team is reading this thank you! You guys really heard me and gave me full creative control which made this even more memorable.

So lets start with the Friday…



Dinner at the Yard

5:00pm - my takeover began as I decided to take on the most popular location in Cape Town to visit. Home to plenty of fashion stores, food and views I chose the infamous V&A Waterfront and Silo District. If you have not got anything planned for a Friday night then just stop by here there is always something going on - plus you beat the traffic so it is a win win!

6:00pm - the Yard at the Silo was my first image that popped up on the feed. We helped ourselves to a sharing platter filled with nachos, wings, samosas and sliders. It was beyond delicious especially if you don’t want to be so filled up for the night. The price was decent and the service was incredible.


7:00pm - the Catamaran cruise. This was something I had heard of but decided to wait for a special occasion to try this out - especially the sunset cruise. The company I chose was the Serenity One Charters and it was the most scenic and therapeutic experience. It does tend to get chilly so the company provides blankets but a light jacket is recommended. A variety of refreshing drinks are served onboard as well ( non alcoholic as well). The staff are all entertaining and jovial as well all watched the sun go down on another day in Cape Town. It really is a beautiful sight to see.

8:45pm - Water Shed/ Unframed. No summer night in Cape Town is ever truly complete without ice cream. The benefits of visiting the Waterfront is its wide array of artisinal food and dessert. In particular is the Unframed ice cream stall that produced the most organic and lightly tanatlising flavours that accommodate to any dietary requirement. It really is worth the stop!

9:00pm - live music. Since Friday is usually the busiest night for the Waterfront there is often a musical performance with live singers and a marimba band surrounding the wharf area. Promoting their music, it is a great way to grab the attention of the locals and foreigners to engage and move to their beats! I would most definitely recommend stopping by for a listen, your mood will instantly be uplifted.

9:30pm - the Cape Wheel. Living in the UK I had the opportunity of visiting the London Eye, however in South Africa there is something smaller yet similar. The Cape Wheel provides panoramic views of Victoria Wharf and the Waterfront mall. The wheel makes 5 rounds worth of cycles before coming to a halt but not before you can get your souvenir picture taken. I used the Entertainer App for this because it is featured in their activities so it is definitely worth taking advantage of!


Goodnight Cape Town

Saturday was a bit more eventful despite the constant shift in weather. I decided to create a theme of “your favourite spot” in Cape Town. Asking all followers where their favourite location in Cape Town proved successful as people mentioned different unique spots to watch. It was an adventurous day from start to finish.



Brunch at Jarryds

9:00am - gym time with @shaqct. As one of the best trainers i have approached in South Africa I have to admit, waking up on a Saturday can often be a chore. Luckily it is worth going through when you have a gym session with Shaheem. He not only focuses on your needs but pays close attention to what your body needs. It can often be difficult to know what you’re doing but trusting your trainer just leads you to understand the motions and why better which is why I appreciate the approach that Shaheem takes.

12pm - breakfast/brunch at Jarryds. A breakfast or brunch is never complete without a visit to Jarryds. I had their scrumptious Reubens breakfast (minus the meat) it was heaven! The service is exceptional and the atmosphere is vibrant. Oh and the best part? They serve ALL day breakfast!

4pm - the Hout Bay market. One thing that Cape Town is famous for its variety of food and craft markets at every corner! Aside from the Route 44 market in Stellenbosch the best market to visit is the Hout Bay one. They always have live music, variety of artisanal products and food!


5pm - muizenberg beach. Those tourist images of the rainbow houses along the beach is one of Cape Town’s most photogenic spots. Which makes it the perfect spot for a quick photo opportunity! Check out mine on the feed and let me know your thoughts!


7pm - sunset at The Rocks. Looking for the perfect view of the 12 Apostles and Clifton beach? Well look no further type “The Rocks” in Google Maps and drive to your ocean view destination. It is a dream view but it is recommended you stop by much earlier because of how busy the sunset spot tends to get. It is worth every bit.

8pm - pizza at NY slice. Kloof street is always busy on the weekend, as one of the most lively corners of Cape Town the pizza is cheaper because you pay per slice (I am drooling as I type this) and those slices are HUGE.

8:30pm - the Labia theatre. Round the corner from the pizza place is the movie theatre which is one of my memorable spots. The movies played at this theatre are always art based movies at a discounted price. There is free seating and the popcorn made by Claire is always a treat.

10pm - gelato at Moro Gelato. It is often hard to find an incredibly creamy corner that serves decent gelato at any hour but Moro Gelato is worth a visit. Although its location can often get pretty dodgy when it is late, the actual gelato makes up for it.


Goodnight Cape Town

Sunday was a bit more chilled out despite how the weather seemed to have improved there was still more I had to show you, especially since it was the last day of the takeover. My theme for the day was “lazy Sunday” asking all of you what your favourite lazy Sunday event is.



Swan Cafe brunch

10am - crepes at Swan Cafe. I have always wanted to try out a good crepe that is light and aesthetically pleasing (which also happens to be gluten free). I went with the strawberry and nutella which was just the right amount of perfection. Everything is Parisian from the food to the decor it is all very tasteful!

2pm - chapman’s peak sentinal. The first spot I truly fell in love with Cape Town was Chapman’s Peak. The sentinel reminds me of the Boomslang canopy walk at the Botanical gardens but rather with a view of water instead of the mountain side.


4pm - the sunday market at Kirstenbosch. Another market to view but with an outdoors feel. This market is much more laid back but it allows you to enjoy Cape Town with an outdoor touch. So good weather is a must to enjoy this experience fully!

6pm - sushi from Nuri. The final stop before I ended the weekend was try out the Botha platter from Nuri Sushi. My idea is all about sushi and sunsets which meant that this sushi had to be a takeaway!

7pm - sunset at Clifton beach. One of the best and busiest beaches in Cape Town. On a hot summers sunset with a side of sushi it is truly the most breathtaking backdrops to enjoy with a good view and a scenic sky it was the perfect way to end the most magical and adventurous weekends of my life!


Goodnight Cape Town

Hope you enjoyed reading a more detailed version of my takeover. If you want to see this in real life through my Instagram stories check out my highlights where I break it down. Let me know if you ever tried any of these spots? It would be great to read what you thought.

aishapaedia xx