what to do during a power outage: part 1

Hey everyone!

Assuming majority of you are living in South Africa or if you are living in a country that suffers from a number of power outages on a daily or weekly basis this is the post for you. Cape Town is currently suffering from at least 2 or 3 electricity cuts a day so it is getting extremely difficult NOT to discuss this. Whilst most things on this list tend to vary the general idea is to keep you occupied enough to survive the mini crisis of no power. Let me know what thoughts and ideas you have in the comments section, it would be great to see if you tried these or even if you have any to share.



Ironically this has already been done for you by the city council or power source in your city, however this doesn’t mean everything is completely turned off. To reduce the risk of power shortages or surges occurring when the power comes back every switch should be turned off. If you’re out the whole day and not sure when the power will come back, turn off and just leave it off till you’re home - trust me it makes you much safer!


One of my favourite ways of dealing with the load shedding is to keep busy, whilst it may not be “Spring,” the idea is the same. Purge out the products that haven’t been in use for the last 6 months. It will instantly make you feel lighter. I recently organised my wardrobe and decided to give out clothes to charity AND clean out things I haven’t used in ages.


Being cooped up during a power cut indoors can be restricting and extremely boring, if you have the means - go outside. As cliche as it sounds the fresh air definitely does you good, so take a walk or go to the mall or beach whatever allows you to be with your thoughts enough to distract you in a different environment.


When I have no access to the internet or I don’t feel like using up all my data during a power cut, I often find there is enough time to be channelled towards writing and reading. The feeling is somewhat refreshing as you can completely unplug and focus on the things that you don’t often have the time for.


During a power cut we often feel empty because of our lack of internet, luckily Netflix and other sites online allow us to download our favourite show or movie. This means binge watching despite the darkness and the lack of network!


Misery loves company and this couldn’t be any truer than during a power shortage. Hanging out with people who understand your irritation and frustration about lack of energy makes things more humorous or at least bearable in a way. That is also because people can often keep us occupied that we don’t feel the need to have recollection of time.


Power cuts often last two hours or more which can often be a good time to retreat to a place where there is power - the mall. Some cafes could have back up power but it doesn’t usually provide the best solution as a mall. There is often the comfort of air conditioning, plenty of light and sometimes free wifi! This could also be the perfect opportunity to charge your devices, if necessary, and go grocery shopping if need be. Most shops and pharmacy’s tend to have generators or inverters that keep them running so it could be useful to visit the closest one in your area.


Whilst it may be easy to hang around or go out it is very important to stay safe. Power cuts often mean open gates or even closed off elevators. If you know a power cut is coming stay free from elevators and stick to the stairs. Gates may have to be unlocked because the battery might run flat, so try to be alert as there is always a chance there could be safety concerns. Always be safe in every circumstance - energy or not!

So there you have it, my list of things to do during a power shortage there is a part two coming soon! Be sure to subscribe to the blog and leave your feedback in the comments!

aishapaedia xx