what to eat during a power outage: part 2

Hello all! If you had read my recent power outage post you would see that I discussed all the best tips and tricks to staying ahead of the power cuts. Here is a little post to this series detailing recommendations for you to stay fed and full during the power outage.



A lot of people think that by having sandwiches they need to be hot and toasted to enjoy. Whilst they may be warmer the taste of sandwich can be just as good without the additional heat. During a high tea, the sandwiches are usually cold sliced sandwiches but they still taste delicious. A variety of cucumber and tuna, cheese and tomato, chicken caesar, or even cold pulled chicken could do the job!


Following from the sandwich theme I think the next best dish is a refreshing salad. Again the option of caesar, nicoise, greek or even a mix of veggies of your choice with some lettuce can be the salad you desire. Don’t think it is not filling, add a dash of dressing and trust me you will be feeling fed as you would during a hot dinner.


Now here is the real life saver! If you are fortunate enough to own a braai stand then the use of a barbecue stand will be your biggest advantage during the outage. Now you have the option of barbecuing meat, vegetable skewers or even bread on a barbecue. There are so many options and no use of electricity is needed. LIFE HACK!


Now I personally am not a fan of cold soups but I know that this is a good trend to have. If you know when the power is going, try prep and make the soup beforehand so that when load shedding begins your soup is ready to slurp! Cold soups like tomato, gazpacho and even butternut. Tasty has some great cold and quirky soup options for you to try here.


A similar scenario to sanwiches, wraps are one of life’s easiest dishes to make. All you need are some chopped veggies, some tortilla wrap bread and a meat or even just keeping it vegetarian. It is all a matter of your tastebuds. Oh and don’t forget the sauce! Luckily this option doesn’t have to be limited to just wraps - pitas serve the same purpose as well!


I know what you’re probably thinking, “Aisha how is a cheese board dinner?” Well if you have experienced eating a cheeseboard you will know how filling they can be. This doesn’t have to be limited to cheese, there can be fruits, olives, cold meats and other easy eats that don’t require a lot of effort. You can serve this up with some sourdough or a variety of your favourite bread and some delightful dips for a bit of a taste.

Staying prepared during a load shedding is one of your biggest tools to surviving the load shedding without excessively spending. Most people, myself included, often get lazy during power cuts and resort to take out of even dining out as a way of avoiding the darkness but if you have rolling blackouts it is often better to save your pockets anymore trauma and rather try out these load shedding friendly ideas. It makes the world of a difference!

Let me know what you think and if you will be giving this a try!

aishapaedia xx