my autumn 19/20 favourites

Hey all! I had typed out a LONG blog post earlier in the month and annoyingly it did not save so my creative flow slowly spiralled out and I felt less of an urge to write BUT I am back and ready to serve you with some amazing seasonal favourites of mine. For today’s post I dig into my favourite Autumn options. I have listed where each item is from so I hope you get the chance to grab any of these items if any catches your eye.

Autumn is usually that awkward phase where it is too cold for a summer dress but also too hot for a winter coat, it makes things slightly awkward but the good thing about dressing modestly is that it allows your layers to be more weather appropriate. These items are just a few favourites which I think could be transitional to either winter or summer so these pieces are definitely permanent wardrobe worthy items!

Knitted Top: H&M


I am not limiting my knitwear option to this particular top only but rather the concept of this knitted jumper can apply to all knitwear tops out there. What i love about knitwear jumpers is their ability to be the perfect item to wear during a windy or even a gloomy cloudy day. It doesn’t require much to style. They’re cosy and baggy which means they can be left to hang out or even tucked in. They can vary in size or colour. My biggest tip would be to check the texture of the material. If the material is super soft it’s often likely that the items won’t itch or cause any sensitive rashes. This top has a longer polo neck and sleeves which means more warmth and coverage! It is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Tan Edgy Boot (2017): Woolworths


Initially I wasn’t sold when I managed to grab a pair of edgy ankle boots with laces and grips at the bottom of the heel, I was convinced it should have a flat surface higher heel or something more feminine that went with my dressing. Thankfully this trend has grown on me and I am so relieved to have found my perfect and lasting pair! The edgy lace boot is perfect for Autumn and even Spring! The grips at the bottom of the shoe, the texture and the laces allow a little flair of flexibility which I am automatically drawn to. In fact it adds that necessary statement to any look without asking for too much. I bought these babies from Woolworths in 201 7 but thankfully Woolies has some similar pieces in store and online. I often find Woolies shoes, if taken care of, can last you longer than you expect. I fall more in love with this edgy shoe every day especially since I could wear it for hikes or even just a stroll in the mall! An edgy boot is a must have in your wardrobe for all the reasons a high heeled boot can seem strenuous. The trend is classic and never goes out of style!

Blazer: Witchery

The Blazer

A popular Autumn favourite is the chic use of a blazer to layer or add any extra definition to an outfit. I have always loved the work but casual look which can be suited (quite literally) for every day wear. It can be dressed up with some formal trousers or a skirt or dressed down with a pair of jeans. The perfect characteristic of a blazer is also its ability to add additional coverage to your behind which is a massive save when dressing modestly. Blazers don’t always have to be uniform colours such as black or white or even grey. I opted for a vintage looking checkered blazer in different tones of brown, black and beige! The only thing missing is the leather elbow patches (just like Ross from Friends!). I sported my blazer with a pair of Zara black mom jeans, block heels, belt and a black polo neck t-shirt, basically all black for the blazer to be the main feature of the outfit.

Belt: Gucci (not authentic)
Purchased from Alysu for R700

The Belt

I am going to be real with you guys and say that this belt is not 100% Gucci in fact, it is a replica which I am not shy to admit. I have always wanted the style of the Gucci belt but sadly could not justify spending so much on a belt (R6000) to be precise! While I don’t want to shame anyone who can (good on you!) I know I couldn’t. Luckily for me, a very close to the original format belt was attainable at Alysu! A boutique store which sells an array of women’s unique dresses, accessories and a number of replicated designer brands. Aside from the brand, the focus for this blog post is the concept of the belt. Sometimes a belt can serve merely as an accessory and that is the perfect element to any look! Regardless of whether it is this belt or any other belt I always find belts add a little statement to an outfit that really ties everything together - especially with Autumn layers! Another transitional favourite because this belt doesn’t have to be limited to just jeans or trousers, in fact it can be styled around the blazer as a high waisted feature.

There you have it! My favourite Autumnal pieces to keep you cool and warm during the season. As we move closer into Winter be sure to keep an eye out on how I update these looks with similar garments - the limit does not exist people!!!!


Till next post

aishapaedia xx

all images by Jessica Amdur/ @jessthecreative